September 30, 2010

French shipbuilding is open for international partnership and technology transfer

French shipbuilding is open for co-operation with foreign partners, establishment of joint ventures and transfer of advanced technologies. Such pragmatic approach will contribute to marketing of French hi-tech products in the world market, said experts of shipbuilding company DCNS.

As was explained to ARMS-TASS by DCNS officials, there have been numerous examples of such cooperation with foreign countries. In particular, DCNS has built and delivered 6 Delta class frigates to Singaporean Navy under the technology transfer agreement. Only the first ship was built at DCNS shipyards in Lorient; the rest five were constructed by Singaporean ST Marine under transferred technologies and supervision of French experts.

Possibility to obtain technology while procurement of ready-made products becomes the core requirement at present-day market of hi-tech products, emphasized DCNS experts.

Example, both export contracts for Scorpene class non-nuclear submarines to India (contract for 6 subs, signed in 2005) and Brazil (contract for 4 subs, signed in 2008) provide license grant for building and transfer of relative technologies. Scorpene subs are built in two countries by local shipyards under control of DCNS specialists.

In this connection, French shipbuilders are ready to modify Mistral class landing dock in accordance with Russian Navy's requirements and transfer Mistral construction technology to Russian shipyards, emphasized DCNS officials.

Construction terms of lead helicopter carrier will depend on changes introduced in the ship design, said the French partners. Speaking about building of other Mistrals by Russian shipyards, DCNS is ready to transfer technical documentation and relative technologies in an expeditious manner.

At present, DCNS has developed a family of Mistral class landing ships which can meet requirements of various navies depending of tasks assigned. In contrast to the base variant Mistral-210 with displacement of 21,000 tons and length of 199 meters, Mistral-140 has displacement of 14,000 tons and length of 169 meters.

Everything will depend on requirements of the Russian military; it is up to them to decide what kind of ship do they need, said DCNS director for business development. DCNS is ready to alter construction of Mistral and meet the customer's requirements to the full extent, he added.

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