October 30, 2010

Canada breaks off relations with N Korea

(By RUSNAVY)  Canadian government declared shutting down bilateral relations with North Korea and imposing trade restrictions to Pyongyang. According to Radio Liberty, official Ottawa made this decision in response to torpedoing of S Korean warship caused deaths of dozens servicemen carried out by N Korean Navy early this year.

We recall that in May 2010 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced economical sanctions against DPRK due to the shipwreck of S Korean corvette Cheonan torpedoed by N Korean warship.

In particular, more severe restrictions on trading, investments, and other bilateral relations with DPRK were imposed; all visits of N Korean officials to Canada were canceled.

Canada condemns reckless N Korean regime for outrageous violation of international law and disregard of international obligations, underlined the premier having noted that Canada is about to coordinate its activities with other members of global community.

Early on, Seoul expressed intentions to address the UN Security Council with a request to penalize DPRK for attacking Cheonan. S Korean president Lee Myung-bak said his country would break off all trade relations with the northern neighbor.

The U.S. supported decision of South Korea to stop trade with Pyongyang and called DPRK to rule out of aggressive behavior and apologize for the Cheonan incident.

The S Korean warship sank on March 26. Corvette Cheonan with 104 crewmembers on board was patrolling disputable waters somewhat 20 km away from N Korean border. After an explosion occurred on board, the ship immediately sank. Forty six sailors died.

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