January 29, 2011

Chinese carrier Varyag is powered by Ukrainian engines

(Rusnavy) : Ukraine technically assists China to build the first national aircraft carrier, reports Canadian-published military magazine Kanwa. In addition, Ukrainian experts take part in recovery of aircraft carrier Varyag sold to China in 1999.

"Reconstruction of Varyag has been finished, the ship is equipped with Ukrainian-designed powerplant", writes the magazine. The carrier was sold to China without main propulsion plant, radars, and arms, and towed through the Black Sea to Chinese port of Dalian under the veil of further refitting into an entertainment park. However, many military observers say this ship will soon turn into training range for deck pilots.

Establisher and editor of Kanwa magazine Andri Pinkov said that Ukraine also helped China in construction of boiler-and-turbine factory in Harbin; now China produces defense-oriented boilers, turbine plants, and steam engines there. Such systems are applied in catapults and aircraft arresters similar to those at Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Besides, China has built two land-based training facilities for deck pilots.

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