February 26, 2011

Indian delegation inspected aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya

(Rusnavy) : Eleventh inspection has been conducted this week at Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (former Russian Admiral Gorshkov).

High-ranking delegation headed by director of Indian Navy's shipbuilding and procurement department Vice Admiral Kumar has been working in Severodvinsk for several days.

Indian officials held talks with directors of Sevmash shipyard, listened to report of group observing the carrier's retrofitting, visited families of observers, and met with White Sea Naval Base Commander Capt 1 rank Viktor Liina.

However, the main point in the eventful visit was the inspection of the aircraft carrier. The delegation accompanied by Sevmash's director general Nikolai Kalistratov, chief engineer Alexei Alsufiev, and deputy director Sergei Novoselov spent two hours on the ship.

"The shipyard have done much in order to be on schedule since my last visit in Sept 2010", said Mr. Kumar at the press conference. "I was surprised with a progress achieved in boiler compartment and main propulsion plant; cable replacement works are also enormous. However, we have still much to do for our nearest goal – mooring trials".

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