March 28, 2011

'Chinese students stealing tech secrets from UK varsities’

LONDON: British industrial designer Sir James Dyson has alleged that Chinese students at the country's universities are stealing scientific and technological secrets and passing them on to their country.

"They (Chinese students) go back home taking that science and technology knowledge with them and then they start competing with us. This is mad, it is madness," Dyson, best know for inventing the bagless vacuum cleaner, told the UK's Sunday Times newspaper.

British universities minister David Willetts said he will carefully study the evidence that Dyson has got.

University UK chief executive Nicola Dandridge said, "We are very aware this is going on and we are taking it very seriously." Electronic engineering and computer sciences are suspected to be among the two sectors where technology is being stolen. Dyson said many Chinese students continue to do so even after leaving UK. "Bugs are left in PCs so that data continues to be transmitted after the students return home." 
(Times of India )

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