March 25, 2011

Destructions- Capabilities of SAM's against Ballistic Missiles

Akash : It is considered to be one of the best SAM which india has for surface to Air defense. It is medium Range defense system developed by Defense development organization ( DRDO) with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). Akash is highly effective against incoming missiles and fighter aircraft upto 25-30 km  away, with altitude upto 18000 m (18 km) with speed of mach 2.5, the warhead comes with 55 kg.

The battery comes with four 3d phased array radar and four launchers with three missiles, radar has
Capable to detect 100 and track 64 targets, and engage with 8 targets at one time . The present version
Can target incoming ballistic missles which has 2000 km range.
 Akash is almost comparable to patriot missile system of united states and more accurate then Patriot missile, only some countries in world have capabilities operational multi-target handling  SAM’s .And as per price of akash , it is 8 – 10 times lower than cost of similar type of SAM’s  in other countries.

Rajendra Radar : These missiles are controlled by phased array fire control radar , it can track 64 targets
From 60 km range, these radar can be used for ‘ Weapon Locating Radar’ purpose also. Once india was
Depending on other countries for Weapon Locating Radar for border surveillance , now india is capable
Of manufacturing these cutting edge technology radar types , but MoD has to take decision to induct
Rajendra radar for Weapon Locating purpose also .
Our ‘Security Magazine’ has learnt ‘ Electronics and Radar Development Estalishment(LRDE) is currently
Working on Rajendra 3 version for Indian Armed Forces, it may be mounted on T-72 chassis .

Current Status : Indian Airforce has already placed moderate number of Akash SAM’s systems with
With almost total numbers of 1000 missiles and same volume may also be placed by Indian Army with
Some modifications in system . In past IAF/Army has hesitated to accept  Akash SAM for its Air defense
group, after vigorous and successful test has made to select Akash  .
As per report it may be tested against incoming ballistic missiles from the range of 2000 kms, most
of the ballistic missiles are hypersonic in speed and has more ranges in between 8000 – 12000 kms
in case if we need to face longer range missiles ,  Akash may fail to accomplish the target, that may
cause ‘Maximum Destruction’ .

Defense Against Ballistic Missile
Patriot 3 :  One of most popular SAM system of united states, it has accurate hitting on target with new
Generation technology , but doesn’t have longer range. The range is said to be 15 kms. US recently
Offered this system to  india .But the early version Patriot 2 has more range, it is said to Patriot-2 /3  has capable against ballistic missile . And apart from this, US already in testing of its THAAD missile system with 200 km range , which has high attitude coverage , which  may work against longer range ballistic missiles .

Arrow SAM : The launch platform for Arrow missiles is six canisters/trailer-mounted erector launcher and has flight ceiling 50 -60 km with operational range from 90 km – 148 kms . This program has funded
By United States , In year 1999 india interested to purchase Arrow 2 systems from Israel , however in 2002 , US  vetoed israel’s request to sell the Arrow 2 missiles to india, Arrow 2   has  maximum range
Extended to 300 kms also .

S-400 SAM (Russia) : S-400 is capable of detecting six targets in the range of 400 kms , against Aircraft Cruise and ballistic missile( which is coming from 3500 kms) and engaging them at 200 km ranges.
According to source the speed of S-400 missiles is mach 12 , currently Russia is deploying these systems
By replacing S-300 SAM’s . Apart from this Russia is developing S-500 , which is said to be more advanced in range and technology, it is said to be  more capable than any other missiles in world. May be S-500 Systems have possibilities to inducted in service  by 2015 onwards.

AAD/PAD : India realizes the need of high attitude version SAM’s, that made india to develop  AAD/PAD
System, currently its in developing stage . The some of the test is considered to be highly successful, as per sources this system has capable of 80 km in flight ceiling coverage and DRDO is looking for more powerfully with 150 km flight ceiling coverage, but it may take atleast 3 -7 yrs with fully operational .

by NJS  ( Security Magazine)

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