March 29, 2011

Qatari warships detained two Iranian vessels with arms on board

Qatari warships intercepted two Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf; the ships were carrying arms and ammunitions on board, reported Kuwaiti news agency Al-Aan .

The report says nothing about the consignee. Along with that, Al-Aan reports that the Iranian vessels were detained near territorial waters of rioted Bahrain, opposite northeastern coast of Qatar.

It should be noted that Qatar helps Bahraini king who called partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council to assist in Bahrain's reinstatement.

Qatari, Bahraini, and Iranian news agencies do not comment the report of Kuwaiti newspaper.

Recall that almost two weeks ago Turkey detained Iranian airplane carrying arms to Syria. Mortars, missiles, Kalashnikov rifles, and ammunitions were found on board the plane.

Earlier on, Israeli Navy intercepted vessel Victoria with Iranian weapons on board sailing from Syria to Egypt to deliver arms to Gaza Strip.

- Rusnavy

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