May 26, 2011

Yantar shipyard prepared Indian frigate for launching

  Solemn launching ceremony of INS Trikand ("Bow") will be held on May 25.

(Rusnavy) : This is the third Project 11356 frigate built by JSC Yantar shipyard (member of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) for Indian Navy. First frigate of this series was launched on Nov 27, 2009; the second one – on June 23, 2010. The yard's major efforts are focused on construction of these ships. Kaliningrad shipbuilders perform works along with contractors from other Russian regions and Ukraine. This project has substantially promoted and strengthened the shipyard's foreign cooperation strategy. For the first time Russian-build ships will be armed with BrahMos cruise missiles – the result of fruitful consolidation of Russian and Indian technological capabilities.

Indian ambassador to Russia Mr. Malhotra, directors of United Shipbuilding Corporation, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Dept, and Rosoboronexport will arrive in Kaliningrad to attend the launching ceremony.


Project 11356 frigate is designed for ocean- and sea-zone combat operations, search and destruction of enemy submarines, antiship/antisubmarine/antiaircraft warfare at sea, delivering strikes upon sea surface targets, supporting of coastal warfare and landing operations.

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