August 24, 2011

S Korea receives 3 more F-15K Slam Eagles

(BNS): The South Korean Air Force received three F-15K Slam Eagle aircraft from Boeing at Daegu Air Base.

"We are pleased to receive the latest three F-15K Slam Eagles, F-15K 51, 52 and 53, from Boeing. The F-15K is one of our most important assets in defence of the peninsula. We are satisfied with the continued on-schedule, quality deliveries of our F-15K Slam Eagles from Boeing," Lt. Col. Tae Uk Kim, Commander of the 110th Squadron, 11th Fighter Wing, ROKAF, was quoted as saying in the company news release.

Boeing delivered the first six of 21 F-15Ks it is producing under the Next Fighter II contract in 2010, followed by two in April and two more in May. The remaining eight aircraft will be delivered through April 2012.

The F-15K is an advanced variant of the combat-proven F-15E. Equipped with the latest technological upgrades, it is extremely capable, survivable and maintainable.

The aircraft’s service life is planned through 2040, with technology insertions and upgrades throughout its life cycle. Boeing completed delivery of 40 Next Fighter I F-15K aircraft to the South Korean Air Force in October 2008.


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